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Poissa Bor

« : 28.08.17 - klo 19:23 »
Ixalan Spoilers Review. Part 1.

WotC confirmed the unfortunately leaked cards by publishing them on the mothership with good resolution. Now let's talk Standard.

Poissa Bor

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« Vastaus #1 : 12.09.17 - klo 14:15 »
Ixalan Spoilers Review. Part 2.
Mostly talking about Standard. Half the set is known.
All tribals they are pushing look viable so far. Trade me em Vamps at Poro and Fantsu stores and at pptqs and such.

Poissa Bor

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« Vastaus #2 : 18.09.17 - klo 20:12 »
Ixalan Full Spoiler Review Recap. All Formats.

Let's brush on all the surfaces for all the formats and imagine whole fields.

Poissa Bor

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« Vastaus #3 : 26.09.17 - klo 21:26 »
Ixalan Standard Decklists for all tastes and UWx Approach Control Spotlight

RG Dinos, UR Tempo, BW Vamps, and UW, Esper, Jeskai and 4k Approach Control comparison.

Poissa Bor

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« Vastaus #4 : 20.10.17 - klo 19:16 »
Couple budget FNM builds to cheaply get into the format with enough playability.

Rogue Town. MonoU Reservoir. Deck Tech.

It's not completely dead, playable, but I haven't found the best list yet, but it can still cut through unprepared field.
Tested vs Mardu and UW. Felt like the build can be tuned up to keep up. Always a turn behind, or not running right numbers.

Rogue Town. UR Baral Tempo. Deck Tech.

High hopes. Not tested. Thought through thoroughly)) Can mutate into Grixis Vehicles or UR Amulet.

Poissa Bor

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« Vastaus #5 : 07.11.17 - klo 20:38 »
Pro Tour in numbers (mtggoldfish)

Pro Tour Ixalan. Standard Metagame Conslusions and Card Tech Highlights (from me, less numbers, tech cards, why they are there and meta)

Our tests:

Any Gifts don't like Abrades obvly.
UW likes Energy decks. (I usually win post-sideboard, but things fluctuate based on their board)
Tokens are much slower than GPG, but aren't so easy to disrupt and...well...Fumigate maindeck.
Monored sits ok postside vs Gift, but scoops G1.
UW wins G1 vs Espers and Co, but Tokens/Gift postsb is a lottery.
4K is fine vs Esper Gift even G1. vs Tokens - scoop G1, and pray for paranoia postsb, but Vraska and Flagship maindeck in 4k should balance the matchup.

Keeping you tuned and posted.