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Poissa TheRumHam


MTGSuomi calendar event: https://mtgsuomi.fi/turnaukset/2024/05/25/

Compete in the biggest Pauper tournament in Finland! Oh My Game is home to a large weekly Pauper scene, let's crown a champion before heading off to mökki. Your mastery with common cards can win a Cavern of Souls and bragging rights until the next championship!

We hope to make this a regular, exciting capstone to the weekly Pauper seasons - bring your best deck and compete for big prizes. Supi and Quentin have provided awesome prize support, including a foil Deadly Dispute to every player entered. 16+ players unlocks bonus prizing (a Supi's Secret Lair) and I'll probably dig some bonus prizes from my collection too. Sign-up at the link below and start taking commons seriously. Power to the Pauper!

12:00 - 18:00
10 EUR entry fee
Signup link: https://ohmygame.fi/event/-NslrZtnV2F741Ze6ssn

5+ Rounds of Swiss, based on attendance
Prizes to Swiss leaders - no Top 4/8 playoffs
50 Minute Rounds - Normal Overtime rules
3 points for Win, 1 for Draw, 0 for Loss
*(Note: Outlaws at Thunder Junction will be legal, but this is before Modern Horizons 3)*

1st - Cavern of Souls exclusive LGS promo (https://www.cardmarket.com/en/Magic/Products/Singles/The-Lost-Caverns-of-Ixalan-Promos/Cavern-of-Souls-V3?sellerType=1,2&language=1)

2nd - "Shades Not Included": Basic Lands Secret Lair (https://www.cardmarket.com/en/Magic/Products/Sets/Secret-Lair-Drop-Series-February-Superdrop-2022-Shades-Not-Included?sellerType=1,2&language=1)

Top 8 - Love Your LGS 2024 Promo - Serra Angel (https://www.cardmarket.com/en/Magic/Products/Singles/Magic-the-Gathering-Products/Serra-Angel?sellerType=1,2&language=1)

**ALL ** Players Get a 30th Anniversary Promo Deadly Dispute (https://www.cardmarket.com/en/Magic/Products/Singles/30th-Anniversary-Celebration/Deadly-Dispute?sellerType=1,2&language=1)

One random player remaining at the end will receive a Supi's Secret Lair - regardless of win/loss record!
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Hei kaikki! Tämä tapahtuma on kalenterissa kilpailukykyisenä 60-kortin Pauper-turnauksena! Ei cPDH kuten ensimmäinen postattu, toivomme, että ihmiset eri puolilta Suomea pääsevät Vantaalle lauantaiaamuna pelaamaan!