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Poissa Bor

Guten Abend!
BoatBrew shall continue to inflow data, discussions and considerations. 
I would like to introduce you our Kaladesh Block Reviews and Strategy series.
Spoilers reviews, new Standard, Limited Strategies, and Constructed gameplay.

Spoilers Reviews (103/264):

Part 1(Monocolored)
Part 2(Multi, colorless, artifact,lands. Big focus on buy-in staples)

New Standard (103/264):

5 Predictions for Kaladesh Standard(One new archtype, tuning for established ones, choice of answeres based on new threats)

New updates for this season will be added here overtime.


- Maelström Pulze

Poissa Bor

Best Uncommons and Commons for Limited in Kaladesh.

When the rare is bad, what to pick? PXP1 to PXP5 cards, and best THG deck. Sealed and Draft general tips and explanations.

Poissa Bor

Drafting Kaladesh. Analyzing Picks.

2 draft processes with broad commentary and explanations.
Draft simulator: http://draft.bestiaire.org/

Nothing crazy. Just pick orders and drafting, and the end decks.
Prepare your tomatoes! I am definitely ready for big trolly and troldenless critique)