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[GER] 1.11.2021 - Uudet Highlanderbännit


Source: http://highlandermagic.info/2021/11/01/november-1st-2021-ban-and-watch-list-changes/
Palaute: http://www.magicplayer.org/forum/index.php?topic=1599.0;topicseen

Changes to the present banned list, effective 15/11/2021:

• Skullclamp (Meaning: trial not continued & not allowed to be played from 15.11 onwards)


• Umezawa's Jitte (Meaning: trial succeeded, allowed to be played from 15.11 onwards) 
• Secret Lair X The Walking Dead

Single card explanation:

Umezawa's Jitte:

A powerful equipment for sure, Jitte was deemed to be over the limit for a long time. But, in the days of fast, aggressive and powerful tempo decks, the initial investment of 4 mana to get the card going means it is not so over the top anymore. That's not to say it isn't potent. In fact beyond the 1st activation it is anything but weak. Still, during the trial period we got mostly positive feedback on this card and thats why we feel confident Umezawa's Jitte can stay in the format for now.


Clamp in testing was warping decks towards smaller creatures, tutoring and anti-clamp tech. We saw an uptick of Stoneforge Mystic and Steelshaper's Gift being played. Also Urza's Saga, as the newcomer of the format, was used for this. Anti-clamp techs saw various artifact hate and instant based removal being played.
The trial period showed that Skullclamp mostly wasn't healthy for the format because it was warping games, it was included in from a card advantage point of view, and it was also freezing the boardstates into an unfun holding pattern with little to no hope of out-tempo’ing or out-value’ing the card. This was most crucially evident in midrange on midrange matches where advantages gained from Clamp could not be compensated for by the opponent. At the same time, the card pushed out many decks that didn't have a chance to be competitive (in particular control decks that are already lagging behind) due to clamp being in the format.

As Skullclamp has proven to be too powerful for the format as of now we have decided to keep it banned as well as to remove it from the unban watchlist for the time being!

Secret Lair x The Walking Dead:

Back when we announced the banning of TWD Secret Lair, exactly one year ago, we cited feedback from the community and a player desired "protest effect" as reasons for our move.
Earlier this year Wizards declared that upcoming Secret Lair cards will have functional in-Magic printings as part of The List. While TWD was initially excluded Wizards has changed their approach since, stating that it too would see in-Magic printings! (Source: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/news/secret-lair-universes-beyond-update-2021-06-07)

The ban of the Walking Dead Secret Lair never happened due to power or in-game reasons. Because the original contributing factors for the ban have been taken care off by Wizards, we don't see any more reasons to keep the TWD cards banned. Therefore we decided that future "Universe Beyond"-cards will be legal in our format, too.

Current watchlists:

Ban watchlist:                                             
• Dig Through Time
• Oath of Druids
• Oko, Thief of Crowns
• Opposition Agent
• Tainted Pact
• Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath
• Umezawa's Jitte *NEW*
• Underworld Breach
• Urza's Saga
Unban watchlist:
• Skullclamp

Additional Topics:

Secret Lair Statement:

As stated above WotC announced future "Secret Lair// Universe Beyond"-cards will also see printings in regular sets or on the "List". (Source: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/news/secret-lair-universes-beyond-update-2021-06-07) Therefore they will be available much more easily and we decided that future "Universe Beyond"-cards will be legal in our format.

Trial-Period Feedback and changes:

We were satisfied with the Trial Period as an instrument to playtest possible unban candidates. As it was the first time, we applied this instrument, we now have the opportunity to evolve this tool and adjust it to the specific needs of our player base.

A large number of players were concerned, that the duration of the Trial Phase was too long. In the possible but hopefully not imminent case of the trial of a meta-breaking card, this would lead to an unhealthy metagame for a long period of time. Therefore, we decided to limit the Trial Period to three months. Some might be concerned that this time span is too short, but we felt that three months are enough to at least get a gist on the effects a possible unban will have on the format without influencing and possibly hurting the metagame for a long period of time.

Possible trial candidates are all cards mentioned on the Unban watchlist, emphasizing its importance. If you see banned cards you would like included on the Unban watchlist and therefore possibly tested in a trial period, please mention them in your feedback of your own Trial Period testing.

Furthermore, the Trial Period will be linked to the Watchlist announcements, giving us the possibility to react to the results of the testing and the community feedback in our upcoming Ban announcement. In this context we want to stress again how vital your input is in the further progression of our format.

To further improve the format and gain valuable information we need your input, worries and opinions on these changes and views on the format. So please do not hesitate to contact any of us via private message or just start a topic in the forum.

Contact us:
Forum (http://www.magicplayer.org/forum/index.php), Email ([email protected])

Next scheduled Update: 1st February 2022 - Watchlist update

Ja vaikka clamppi on unban watchlistalla, se on siellä vain äänestysteknisistä syistä. Ei ole tulossa takaisin ja poistunee 3 kk päästä, sillä bännin puolesta oli koko council 6-0.

Ja olisi mukava kuulla tuosta trialista miten porukka koki sen, voisin viedä palautteena tietoon. Nyt annoin siitä äänestyskierroksella näin:

Just wanted to say, that voted against any kind of trial. I think the Jitte/Clamp was bad idea as trial already, and we're now in for a ride making the format unpredictable with these non-stop trials.

Soft unbanning cards even for 3 months is like testing in production. It introduces a constant stir for meta and does not give players time to figure out or test archetypes naturally. I mean, I've been waiting for Clamp to go away as it pushes away so many other decks, only to find we're now starting the trial cycle with another random card again.

What happens after the 3 months? Another 3 months trial with different set of cards?

If this is the fast feedback loop we want to establish to players about the cards, so be it, but I'm not a fan of this arrangement (for the aforementioned reasons).

"Jitte proved to be fair card as everybody was playing a lot of artifact removal.

In unrelated news, we banned Skullclamp. Have fun."

Mä en suoranaisesti ymmärrä tuota "trialia" mekanismina. Eivätkö unbannatut kortit pysy watchlistillä vähintään yhden syklin juuri siksi että voidaan iskeä takaisin banniin jos tuleekin hupsis? Eikö vaan voisi rohkeasti unbannia "kokeilukortteja" ja tuloksen perusteella joko pitää unbannissa tai heittää takaisin pannaan? Miksi lanseerata sama nimi jollain trialiverukkeella?

Oma vankkumaton mielipide yhä on että koko bannilista pitäisi katsoa alusta loppuun uusiksi eikä vaan cherrypickata "tämä ja ehkä tämä". Formaatti on muuttunut viime vuosina ihan älyttömästi eikä noi ammoisten aikojen bannit enää mitenkään voi pitää paikkaansa, ainakaan samoin perustein.

Vaikuttas ihan järkevältä.


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