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New player from Holland


Hello guys!

My name is Tim, and I just started playing here in Finland. I've been playing for years, but recently started playing again before I moved to Finland. I live in Helsinki, and I know I can play at Oh My Game and Fantasiapelit. I also heard of Poromagia, but their calendar is empty, it appears?

Next week I will start working in Tampere and I was wondering if anyone could inform me about stores where to play Magic!

Thanks in advance!



All the events in Tampere are listed in the calendar. The events that most consistently fire up are:
Legacy/Pre-ISD Legacy/Premodern on Tuesdays in Save File, Aleksis Kiven Katu 24 (stairs down on street level). No entry fee.
Modern on Thursdays in Bar Lategame, Kuninkaankatu 19. 5€ entry or a set booster of the current set.

Puolenkuun Pelit (Kuninkaankatu 24 B) and Fantasiapelit (Kuninkaankatu 5) list their events on the calendar as well.


--- Lainaus käyttäjältä: TimSipkes - 15.03.22 - klo 23:10 ---I also heard of Poromagia, but their calendar is empty, it appears?

--- Lainaus päättyy ---

According to the new roadmap made by THL the final criteria for officially ending the covid-19 pandemic in Finland will be met when Poromagia starts hosting events again.

Thanks for the answers!


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