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Poissa Bor

MM2017. Limited Review + Draft Simulations
« : 06.03.17 - klo 14:10 »
Set Review for Limited

Archtypes, strategies, bombs and unplayables...

Draft Simulations

Couple of draft simulations with pick discussions.

Mythics and Rares nearly unplayable in this Limited:

Past in Flames

Blood Moon

Pyromancer's Ascension

Molten Rain

Grafdigger's Cage


BR/BG7WG Tokens

UWx Flicker,

UR Tempo

RG Beats

RW Beats

Cruel Control

The Nostalgia Dream (That Standard Junk Reanimator)

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Poissa Rancid-

Vs: MM2017. Limited Review + Draft Simulations
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Signets are uncommon. My gut feeling is that this changes a lot of the valuations here, as it's much less desirable to splash a third color using Gates and uncommon fixers are that much less readily available.
TES uses Ad Nauseam more often and ANT uses Past in Flames more frequently.