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Dear opponents,

I'm Karo Kasperi Karesvuori, originally known as Jaakkola, or Kake, and I'm very excited to participate in the Poro Tour Invitational if you choose me as the player's choice competitor.

I live in Helsinki close to Poromagia, which has become my favourite place to play and compete ever since I first joined the Poro Tour team series in 2015. Before that I had played only casually since the original Ravnica block, disregarding few nationals qualifier train wrecks.

After winning the team series in 2015 with a lucky first and second place in the last main event of the year, we have been in contention for the top placements of Poro teams every year. That said I have only played in one invitational so far in 2017. Missing two qualified invitational slots due to holiday travels is pretty tough to recover from, and even though my performance this year wouldn't allow me to redeem myself, it would mean a ton to be able to prepare with my friends to beat all the top players in spicy formats. For this specific invitational I've been following what's effective in pioneer, so you won't catch me off guard showing up with a borrowed deck!

As a player I'm a sucker for limited, never embarrassed for bad plays, too fair for my own good, have a lower than average focus and rarely playing the best deck of a format. Discussing the fresh draft format is probably my favourite thing to do, challenged only by cooking and enjoying awesome food. If you happen to beat me in a tournament, I'm always happy to go through the impactful plays and sideboard techs.

My tournament history in numbers:

Poro Tour top8s: 3
Poro Tour Invitational qualifications: 3
GP day 2s: 7
GP top8s: 0
RPTQs played: 3
PTQ top8s: 2
PTs played: 0
Nationals/WMCQ top8s: 0
Our team's record in Helsinki team draft league: 14-2
Lifetime PWP: 9764
Lifetime Pro points: 9
MTG Elo Project rating: 1771 (Jaakkola), 1596 (Karesvuori)

Happy Cubesmas!

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