Oh My Game (Myyrmanni, 3 krs.)

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    [Vantaa] OMG Bulk Box Limited


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    OMG Bulk Box Limited (NEW!)

    Alkaa: klo.17:00
    Formaatti: Limited
    Hinta: 5 €
    Palkinnot: Osallistumismaksuista 3 OMGkr/pelaaja menee palkintopottiin.
    OMG Google-kalenteri: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/embed?src=4jcjcumdhnbq3df9fh29pv4pno%40group.calendar.google.com&ctz=Europe%2FHelsinki
    Lisäinfo: You know those “kilo” boxes we sell for 5 €? Well, for that very same 5 € you will be given a random bulk box full of spells from random sets. You are to make a 40+ deck out of those cards in 45 minutes. This format is super-casual and requires some funnybones. Lands will be provided separately. Three rounds of swiss will determine the victor! There should only be about 4-8 of any same card in each box, but we do not guarantee this. The cards are of course yours, but you are free to leave the contents with us. We’ll mix the cards and make new bulk boxes, because recycling is as important as utilizing one’s funnybones.

    Poromagia, Pasila

    [Helsinki] Standard Showdown - Dominaria


    Paikka: Poromagia, Pasila
    Aloitusaika: 17:00
    Formaatti: Standard Showdown
    Hinta: 5.00€
    Paikkoja: 32

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    Semafori, Tampere

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