Keidas, Välskärinkatu 12 Seinäjoki

Ilmoittautuneita: 0/24

    [Seinäjoki] PCQ European Modern Series


    Klo 15 Keidas Välskärinkatu 12 Seinäjoki

    10 €, jokaiselle Modern Horizons -boosteri, lisäksi yksi normiboosteri / pelaaja jaetaan sijoituksen perusteella


    Mukaan pakkalista ja kynä sekä paperia kirjanpitoa varten

    Oh My Game (Myyrmäentie 4, 01600 Vantaa)

    [Vantaa] OMG - PCQ European Modern Series #1 (Modern)


    Turnauksen foorumiviesti: https://mtgsuomi.fi/keskustelu/index.php?topic=70188.0

    - Start: klo.10:00
    - Formaat: Modern
    - Price: 15 € (prizepool, judge fees & other expenses)
    - REL: Competitive (A4 decklist mandatory)
    - Preregistering & info: https://ohmygame.fi/event/-LgFQbTaTvRSm6wdbVqQ
    - First prize: Invite to the Regional Finals in Poland (winner of each Final will get a slot to the Mythic Championship in Richmond) & 5 OMGcr/player into the Top8 prizepool. There might be additional prizing and/or sponsorship, so all winners must be ready to provide us with their social security number as well as other personal info as per the Income Registry law in Finland. Players may opt to forfeit any lucrative prizing they have won (for instance in the case of not wanting to provide us with personal info, this is perfectly okay and not shun upon). Winners of 20 OMGcr & under will not need to give personal info.
    - Contact: [email protected]
    - FB OMG MTG group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/484936635041721/?epa=SEARCH_BOX
    - OMG Discord: https://discord.gg/RuAyU4t

    Poromagia, Pasila

    [Helsinki] Pauper


    Paikka: Poromagia, Pasila
    Aloitusaika: 11:00
    Formaatti: Pauper
    Hinta: 10.00€
    Paikkoja: 20

    Lisätiedot ja ilmoittautumisen turnaukseen löydät täältä.

    Puolenkuun pelit, Tampere

    [Tampere] PKP European Modern Series #1


    Turnauksen foorumiviesti: https://mtgsuomi.fi/keskustelu/index.php?topic=69407

    Formaatti: Sealed ja top 8 draft
    Osallistuminen: 55€
    Palkinnot: 1,5 boosteria (MH1) + promoja / pelaaja
    Alkamisaika: 10:00
    REL: Comp.

    Sijainti: Hämeenkatu 17, 33200 Tampere. (Keskustorin kupeessa, Friends & Brgrs ravintolan alakerrassa.)

    Qualifiers – WPN stores throughout Europe will be running up to two qualifier events from the end of June to the middle of August. The winners of these events will qualify for the European Modern Series Final event local to their store.

    Finals – There will be seven European Modern Series finals events. These will be multiformat events including both Modern and Modern Horizons Draft. The only way to qualify for one of these events is to win a European Modern Series Qualifier event.

    Lisätietoa: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/news/announcing-european-modern-series-2019-05-28