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The OMG Magic: The Gathering Series has earned a few buffs since it was made public about a week ago!

- Locked in 2 massive partners: Ultimate Guard & Varusteleka (a huge amount of additional prizing)!
- The event is a WPN Qualifier (WPNQ): The winner will get to qualify to the 1st European Regional Players Tour in Brussels on 1-2.2.2020! The winner of that advances to the Players Tour Finals!
- The event will be streamed on Twitch & in English for all our foreign fans out there!

Preregister to the OMG Series #1: Standard event (12.10, a week after ELD release) via the link below. A Flusterstorm BaB promo for all participants!

We're so psyched for this & really strive to offer the Finnish competitive MTG scene the quality of Magic that it deserves, which is the best. Thank you so far to our partners Ultimate Guard & Varusteleka, of course to Mikko Salin for materializing this whole idea of a Series, Lasse Nevala for taking care of the streaming side of things, Mikael Heikinheimo & Kalle Saleva for embarking together on a whole new commentating adventure, the whole Team OMG family for their continuous support & the top notch WPN Team in England for their efforts. <3

See you all on Saturday 12.10!

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