OMG M25 Release Day Party!


Turnauksen foorumiviesti: http://mtgsuomi.fi/keskustelu/index.php?topic=70188.0

OMG's M25 Fri 16.3 release day party info:

1st Booster Draft @ 12:00 & price = 25 € (no prizepool)
2nd Booster Draft @ 15:00 & price = 25 € (no prizepool)
3rd FNM Booster Draft @ 17:00 & price = 25€ (no prizepool)
Product is already running low so preregistering is advised: [email protected]!

Normal price for an M25 booster = 10 €/booster. M25 booster display box price = 195 €/display (incl.24 boosters)! As long as supplies last. A loot for anyone playing in a draft or buying a display box.

If we have product left by some miraculous turn of events, we'll also launch an M25 League on Mon 19.3 and draft M25 on Wed 21.3. We already have more M25 on our backorder.

Snacks and beverages are on the house for the whole release day! :P Welcome to OMG's M25 party!