OMG Series #1: Standard (WPNQ)


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Welcome to the OMG Magic: The Gathering Series!

The first OMG Series runs from the fall of 2019 to the summer of 2020. All related events will be Competitive Rules Enforcement Level (Comp. REL) and will have at least one judge present. We will have four (4) main events that focus on Limited formats like Sealed & Booster Draft as well as Standard. The OMG Series is aimed towards competitive Magic players but we warmly encourage new and returning players to dive into to the deep end. Whom better to learn from than the best in the country!

Here is an estimate of the OMG Series schedule for the end of this year until seasons end in the summer of 2020:

Autumn (October/Lokakuu 2019)
OMG Series #1: Standard (WPNQ)
Date: 12.10 (ELD release day 4.10)
Price: 20 €
Prizes: 15 OMGcr/player into the prizepool (2€ into Invitationals + 3 € judge fees). All players that preregistered and played at least one full round of Magic get one (1) free Flusterstorm (BaB ENG promo card 2.9.19 MCM = ~5e). Top32 players earn an Arcbound Ravager alt.art foil and the winner gets a slot into the Players Tour!
More info on the WPNQ: https://wpn.wizards.com/en/article/introducing-players-tour-qualifiers
Preregistering: https://ohmygame.fi/event/-LnmwetQsT6YOyORwxLy

Winter (December/Joulukuu 2019)
OMG Series #2: Sealed
Date: TBD
Price: 50 € (2 OMGcr for OMG Invitationals + 3 € judge fees + ~100 € Top8 draft boosters)
Prizes: 20 OMGcr/player into the prizepool

Spring A (February/Helmikuu 2020)
OMG Series #3: Booster Draft
Date: TBD
Price: TBD
Prizes: TBD

Spring B (April/Huhtikuu 2020)
OMG Series #4: Team Sealed
Date: TBD
Price: TBD
Prizes: TBD

Summer (May-June/Touko-Kesäkuu 2020)
OMG Series Invitationals
Date: TBD (one day event at OMG)
Prizes: TBD
Formats: Formats to be announced

Welcome to the first season of the OMG Series! 🏆